Emergency numbers with peoplefone

In the event of an emergency, it is important that the emergency call goes to the correct emergency call center.


Your postal address in peoplefone account correct

The access to the geographically responsible emergency centers in Switzerland is defined at peoplefone via the main contact data on your peoplefone account. The address is the one you have entered during the initial registration. You can adjust your address at any time in your customer portal.

If this address is not stored correctly, emergency calls may go to the wrong emergency center or the location of the caller cannot be identified correctly.

In case of doubt, please use your conventional landline or mobile phone.

The following emergency services are routed by peoplefone:

Emergency numbers Costs
112 Emergency number 0.-
117 Police 0.-
118 Fire station 0.-
143  Crisis line 0.-
144 Ambulance 0.-
147 Children/Teens helpline  0.-