Special rates for special numbers

Business numbers, value-added, information and assistance services that are supported by peoplefone

Here you can find more information about:

  • Supported speed dial numbers
  • Free 0800-Numbers
  • Chargeable 08XX business numbers
  • 0900-service numbers
  • Emergency numbers

peoplefone does not support all service, directory assistance, business and chargeable numbers.

peoplefone reserves the right to block special premium numbers within or outside Switzerland.

Speed dial numbers

Number Rates/min.
1811 Swisscom information 1.90 (Setup 1.90)
1818 General information 1.99 (Setup 1.99)
1600 Regional information 0.50
1414 Rega 0.20
1415 Air-Glaciers 0.20
140 Road assistance (TCS) 0.20
145 Toxicology centre 0.08
161 Talking clock 0.50
162 Weather forecast 0.50
163 Traffic information 0.90
164 Sports news 0.90
166 Rail traffic information 0.50

Rates for special phone numbers

0800 numbers: Free numbers

peoplefone supports all free 0800 numbers. These are charged with CHF 0.- .

peoplefone also supports the free international 00800 numbers. These are charged with CHF 0.- .

Business/special numbers

peoplefone charges for the Swiss business/special numbers CHF 0.081 per minute (billed in seconds). This applies to the prefixes 0840, 0842, 0844, 0848 and 0878 numbers.

The Swisscom Mobile Combox number 0086 is invoiced at CHF 0.25 per minute.

peoplefone charges for the British business/special numbers (0345, 056, 0820, 0843, 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871) CHF 0.70 per minute.


peoplefone only supports some service, directory enquiry and premium rate 0900 numbers. See the list below.

If you call a 0900 number regularly, you can apply to be included on the list. peoplefone also reserves the right to block special premium numbers at home and abroad. 

Application for the inclusion of a 09XX number

Service and information numbers supported by peoplefone

List of supported numbers