Port phone numbers and set up billing

Porting of numbers

As preparation, you ideally have an "old" telephone bill of the customer to check the number of telephone numbers (MSN, BusinessLine), possibly Internet connection (partial, full porting) and owner name.

Detailed procedure of the porting process

At least 15 days before the porting date peoplefone enters the request in the system and sends the power of attorney (page 1 of the porting documents) to the current provider. 

  • The current provider checks the power of attorney and accepts the request (corresponds to termination). In case of "full porting" the completed phone numbers are ported and the contract is thus terminated on the porting date. Peoplefone has no insight into the components of the contract with the current provider. If the information is incorrect, the provider will reject the request. Back to step 1 in case of rejection with new authorization. 
  • Confirmation from peoplefone to customer with definite porting date.
  • Today's provider usually also confirms cancellation to customers. We recommend you to check your confirmations; especially if your internet will stay with existing provider. 

Porting dates:

Porting is carried out every Tuesday at 08:00. The porting documents must be sent to porting@peoplefone.ch at least 15 days before the desired porting. You can find the porting authorization in our partner and customer portal under the point contracts.

Other desired dates can be arranged with peoplefone AG at least 7 working days before the desired date via porting@peoplefone.ch. The handling of a desired appointment will be charged with Fr. 150.-.


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Set up billing for your new customer

Ideally, when opening a peoplefone corporate account, it should be asked whether the customer wants to top up in prepaid credit or postpaid to receive a monthly email invoice.

Condition for postpaid is a monthly amount of more than CHF 200. The customer has to sign the peoplefone business contract and can also send a LSV debit authorization.

As preparation you ideally have an "old" phone bill of the customer to check the telephony volume.

The business contract for postpaid and the LSV debit authorization can be found in the partner and customer partal under contracts.

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