We connect you. Simple, reliable and cost-effective.

At peoplefone 100% Swiss quality is a priority. In the development, in the support and even in the hosting of your telephone system. The telephone platform is an open system, which works with all common telephone devices, telephone systems and internet providers.

peoplefone's secret to success

100% technology home-made, local installation partners and a support team that meets your high standards.

100% Swiss quality

peoplefone is a Swiss pioneer in VoIP telephony

peoplefone was founded in Switzerland in 2005 and was one of the first companies to make telephony over the Internet possible. Even today, 100% of the development is still based in Switzerland, as is the entire IT infrastructure. The peoplefone platform is compatible with all common telephone systems and end devices and works independently of the internet provider.

Locally rooted

Your local installation partner knows what you need

peoplefone relies on the cooperation with 850 installation partners in Switzerland. The installation partner advises you on site, installs or configures your telephone system and connects you to your communication solutions and business software.


It is always urgent when you need support

Our support team will take your call - without you having to wait on hold. Whether you have a technical inquiry, a change request, want to switch your product, or have an administrative question, our support team in Zurich and Lausanne can help you in your language. We can help you on the phone, by email or via chat.