Integrate telephony with Microsoft TEAMS

Call, meet, chat and collaborate in one place.

peoplefone and its installation partners know how to make integration easy and hassle-free. Contact us in any of our countries and we will be happy to assist you.

Two ways to intergrate your telefony with Microsoft TEAMS

  1. The integration with Direct Routing is the standard solution to connect telephony with a Session Border Controller to Microsoft Teams.
  2. Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams is the connection where you can select peoplefone as provider directly in the Microsoft account.

Easy and cost-effective

Direct Routing to Microsoft TEAMS

peoplefone Direct Routing is the simple and fast way to connect telephony with Microsoft Teams. The solution is ideal for small to medium-sized companies looking for a practical and cost-effective option. 

Technically, the solution is based on a shared session border controller, which has a defined range of functions. peoplefone works closely with local installation partners who advise companies on site to find the best solution. 

This solution is subscribed to on the basis of required voice channels.

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Direct integration

Operator Connect for Microsoft TEAMS

With Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams, the connection between Teams and telephony is created directly in the Microsoft account.

This option is a simple integration for smaller companies, but can also be useful for larger companies as telephony is directly integrated into the Microsoft universe. Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams is subscribed per user.

If you have any questions about Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams, please contact us using the contact form below.

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You need the following things for the integration of telephony and Microsoft TEAMS

  1. A Microsoft 365 license, which includes the "Phone System" and "Audio Conferencing" functions. These are included in all "Business" licenses and can be extended in the "Enterprise" licenses. A list of all possible Microsoft licenses for telephony can be found here.
  2. A peoplefone Microsoft TEAMS subscription. 
  3. We recommend working with an experienced installation partner for the setup.


Your advantages

The integration of Microsoft TEAMS with peoplefone offers you many advantages. Here are some of them:

  • Virtual collaboration platform for flexible and mobile collaboration between employees at different locations
  • No hardware, no software, no expensive updates
  • Seamless integration into the existing Microsoft 365 environment
  • Direct connection to the public telephone network
  • Transfer of own phone numbers
  • Telephoning via PC, cell phone, headsets and desk phones
  • Setup by peoplefone partner with experienced Office 365 knowledge
  • Central storage of information and documents
  • Linking with Outlook and coordination of appointments and tasks
  • Possible integration of third-party applications