peoplefone RAINBOW HUB

With peoplefone RAINBOW HUB you can easily link telephony and collaboration services.

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Make your company fit with peoplefone RAINBOW HUB

The RAINBOW HUB is an open and comprehensive collaboration solution from third-party manufacturer Alcatel-Lucent. peoplefone is the first telephony provider in Switzerland that allows you to connect the RAINBOW HUB to the telephone network. 

The collaboration services offer a platform independent device software, no matter if on desktop, smartphone, tablets, desk phones or in meeting rooms. Participation (onboarding) for guest participants in group chats or video conferences, as well as very simple presence management via the calendar are major advantages. File sharing and storage is very conveniently implemented within the so-called "bubbles".


The advantages of peoplefone RAINBOW HUB at a glance


Comprehensive range of collaboration and communication solutions for employees from various industries.

Open architecture

Open architecture that enables integration of additional applications into the company's existing communications infrastructure.


A hybrid workplace with ultimate flexibility in communication and mobility.