peoplefone SOFTPHONE

The simple telephony solution without additional hardware and if you want to make calls with your computer.

One user peoplefone SOFTPHONE can be set up on several PC's at different locations.

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peoplefone HOSTED

Web-Based Softphone (webRTC)

peoplefone SOFTPHONE is a web-based application designed specifically for the needs of our peoplefone HOSTED customers. peoplefone SOFTPHONE is the simple telephony solution when you want to make calls from your computer.

Without additional software, peoplefone SOFTPHONE can be set up with the same user on multiple PCs at different locations.

For peoplefone SIP-TRUNK customers, many telephone systems have their own softphones.

Main features peoplefone SOFTPHONE

  • For peoplefone HOSTED users
  • Internal users with busy lamp field (BLF)
  • Transfer: Calls transfer directly or with announcement
  • Conference with up to 5 participants
  • Activate forwarding/voicemail
  • Call hold
  • Import peoplefone HOSTED phonebook
  • Import of Microsoft 365 contacts

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Take the opportunity to test the peoplefone SOFTPHONE for up to two users for 30 days free of charge by opening a peoplefone account in your country.

peoplefone HOSTED

The simple, cost-effective virtual telephone system can be set up quickly and has the most important functionalities.

peoplefone APP

With your smartphone iPhone or Android OS, you can be reached with your office number on the go and easily use the speed dial, transfer or conference function.