Integrate your telephony with your CRM/ERP

Thanks to the peoplefone CONNECTOR, your business software can be connected to the peoplefone telephone system.


Improvements in productivity

The peoplefone is a complement to the peoplefone HOSTED telephone system and helps you to improve your productivity when calling customers

  • Compatible with all current CRM and ERP systems
  • Notification window on the PC for incoming calls from customers who are stored in the ERP or CRM system
  • Call history with note function
  • All customer information in the CRM or ERP system can be called up with a single click when a customer calls
  • Multiple systems can be used in parallel (one click window of the ERP and one window of the CRM system appears when the customer calls)
  • Additional business software can be integrated with the API
  • Future features like outbound calls directly from CRM and ERP will follow

More info on peoplefone HOSTED

Compatibility of the peoplefone CONNECTOR

The peoplefone CONNECTOR is compatible with all common CRM and ERP programs, currently 500 different software. Using the existing CONNECTOR API, additional programs can be easily integrated into the peoplefone CONNECTOR.