Company with multiple company locations

Do you have several branches/locations across Europe? Do you have subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, etc.? Benefit from the fact that peoplefone is active in 12 European countries. We are happy to advise you.

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Our local installation partners are there for you

The secret of peoplefone's success is the long-term cooperation with more than 2,000 installation partners throughout Europe. Especially for startups and smaller companies without their own IT department, this is a great advantage, because you can get the know-how in-house. Especially the configuration and installation of a new telephone system is smooth.


peoplefone is a telephone provider in 12 European countries

peoplefone is the ideal telephony provider for companies with multiple locations in different countries. As one of the only telecom providers, we are present in 7 countries with our own branches and registered as a telephone provider in another 5 markets. Therefore you can easily operate an international networked telephone system with only one provider. 

You can also order international phone numbers easily and uncomplicated directly at peoplefone. Please go to the peoplefone website of your residence country.

Ideal telephone systems for companies with multiple locations

Depending on the size of the company and the requirements profile, we recommend different virtual telephone systems.


peoplefone SIP-TRUNK

The peoplefone SIP-TRUNK is the basis for the operation of any telephone system, be it physically available (on-premise) or in the cloud. Thus, peoplefone SIP-TRUNK is the ideal basis if you want to continue using existing infrastructure or installations and simply benefit from the advantageous peoplefone services and conditions.

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peoplefone 3CX HOSTED

Comprehensive unified communication solution that leaves hardly any wish unfulfilled. We recommend integration by a 3CX certified installation partner.

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The integration of peoplefone and Microsoft Teams is simple and offers many advantages for a modern and decentralized work environment.

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