Collaboration with an installation partner

A lot of companies have their telephony system set up by a local installation partner.


PMG Fonds Management AG installed Microsoft TEAMS assisted by Weibel/IT

We asked Mr. Raoul Dobal, COO, PMG Fonds Management AG after the installation: "How was the cooperation with Weibel/IT and peoplefone?

"It went easily and smoothly. We discussed our needs with Weibel/IT and created a checklist and a plan, which we then implemented. There are differences between a conventional telephone system and an integrated communication solution - after all, it is more than just a phone. We were able to meet the resulting needs very quickly nevertheless - they were about the configuration settings. We are very satisfied."

The system was installed by peoplefone's installation partner Weibel/IT.

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Carefree installation of your PBX

For the installation of telephone systems for business customers, we rely on a nationwide network of 850 installation partners throughout Switzerland.

Especially for companies without their own IT department, the installation of a telephone system with an installation partner runs smoothly without interrupting accessibility.

Our installation partners are specialized in our telephone solutions and continuously educate themselves with our help. In addition, a partner will help you locally on site, because they can optimally integrate the telephone system into your existing IT environment.

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