Display the phone number you want

At peoplefone you can easily choose which of your numbers should be displayed on your calls via the customer portal.

Which phone numbers can you display?

If you want to display your current phone number for outgoing calls through peoplefone, you can set this directly in your peoplefone account. You have the following display options:

  • No display: recipient sees "anonymous" or "blocked".
  • Your current landline number: Please confirm this via your peoplefone account
  • A new peoplefone number: This will be displayed automatically when you buy a number

If you have a switchboard or PBX with "SIP-TRUNK" and multiple phone numbers and you want to display a different phone number for each user; you can program this through your PBX and we need to authorize you the "CLI Open" function in your peoplefone account.

Change the number display in the customer portal