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peoplefone 3CX HOSTED is a phone system for advanced communication needs, multiple company sites or larger companies.

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Zaunteam Franchise AG uses a 3CX system from peoplefone

We asked Mr. Stefan Seger, Head of IT / System Engineer at Zaunteam Franchise AG, about the biggest difference after switching to the 3CX system: "The main difference is that the old solution was hardware, now it's software. The telephony itself still works the same as it did years ago, but the technology behind it has changed. You are more flexible, you can make calls via your smartphone or your computer. We appreciate this advantage."

The system was installed by peoplefone's installation partner novalink GmbH.

Read the whole interview here

Main advantages of peoplefone 3CX HOSTED

peoplefone 3CX HOSTED has a wide range of features and benefits. The most important are:

  • Low acquisition and expansion costs
  • High range of functions thanks to MS Office integration
  • Simple web-based administration
  • Higher reliability thanks to simple PBX backups
  • Easy integration with enterprise applications
  • Android and iOS clients
  • Video conferencing WebRTC
  • Unified communication features

Here you can find a 3CX user manual

peoplefone 3CX HOSTED functions

The peoplefone 3CX HOSTED can be ordered in three different options. The options "Standard", "Pro" and "Enterprise" have the following range of functions (list not exhaustive).



3CX HOSTED Standard


3CX HOSTED Enterprise

Telephony Features

Unlimited extensions      
iOS & Android Apps      
Own SIP-Trunk      

Office Productivity

Office 365 Integration      
CRM Integration      
Web conference participants 25 100 250

Call Center Features

Call reports      
Call records      
Contact Center      

Enterprise Features

Control call records      
Integrated failover      
Standby license      
Customized logo for IP phones      

Contact us for detailed questions about the scope of functions

peoplefone 3CX HOSTED prices

SC = simultaneous calls

3CX HOSTED Standard


3CX HOSTED Enterprise

4 SC

Contract duration 12 months CHF 69.- / Month CHF 120.- / Month CHF 160.- / Month
Contract duration 24 months CHF 59.- / Month CHF 110.- / Month CHF 140.- / Month

8 SC

Contract duration 12 months   CHF 170.- / Month CHF 190.- / Month
Contract duration 24 months   CHF 150.- / Month CHF 170.- / Month

16 SC

Contract duration 12 months   CHF 240.- / Month CHF 280.- / Month
Contract duration 24 months   CHF 200.- / Month CHF 240.- / Month

32 SC

Contract duration 12 months   on request on request
Contract duration 24 months   on request on request

The costs for telephony are billed per call minute. You can find the rates here.

The costs for phone numbers are charged separately. You can find detailed information here.

peoplefone 3CX HOSTED phone devices

For peoplefone 3CX HOSTED we recommend specific telephone devices. These devices have been tested in practice with peoplefone 3CX HOSTED and can also be installed in a simplified way (autoprovisioning function). A larger list of devices can be found in the chapter "Next Steps", "Recommended Phone Devices".

Yealink 57W

The Yealink SIP-T57W is an easy-to-use prime business phone with an adjustable 7-inch multi-point touch screen that not only finds the comfortable viewing angle according to personal and environmental needs easily and flexibly, but also provides rich visual presentation and simple one-touch navigation.

Snom M900 / M85

With the new M900 base station, we are opening a new chapter in professional and modern multi-cell DECT technology. The new and handy base station not only comes in a completely new design, but also with new, diverse functions. In addition to an integrated DECT manager, the M900 also offers DECT and LAN synchronization.

Snom D385

With its diverse functions and timeless design, the Snom D385 marks the next generation of Snom VoIP desk phones and fits seamlessly into every office routine. In addition to the high-resolution, tiltable color display, the phone impresses with its contemporary, clear design. The Snom SmartScreen finally makes the tedious labeling of the function keys a thing of the past. Also available in white.

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