Integration with Microsoft Teams

The integration of MS TEAMS into your telephone system is easy with peoplefone and the specialized installation partner

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Edelweiss relies on peoplefone and MS Teams

"We had offers from various providers on the table. In the end, we chose peoplefone because they were recommended to us by our long-term integration partner UPGREAT. They also made us a very good and customized offer, including a flat rate. For Edelweiss, this is essential and operationally necessary. As an airline, our telephony has to run 24/7, otherwise we have a problem," says Stefan Graf, Head of IT Management, when asked why he decided to work with peoplefone.

Installed by peoplefone's installation partner UPGREAT.

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Your advantages

The integration of MS TEAMS with peoplefone offers you many advantages. Here are some of them:

  • Virtual collaboration platform for flexible and mobile collaboration between employees at different locations
  • No hardware, no software, no expensive updates
  • Seamless integration into the existing Microsoft 365 environment
  • Direct connection to the public telephone network
  • Telephoning via PC, cell phone, headsets and desk phones
  • Setup by peoplefone partner with experienced Office 365 knowledge
  • Central storage of information and documents
  • Linking with Outlook and coordination of appointments and tasks
  • Possible integration of third-party applications

How to plan the next steps for the integration of MICROSOFT TEAMS


Direct connection to the telephone network

peoplefone allows you to connect to Microsoft Teams without additional hardware. All you need is a Microsoft 365 license with the necessary options and a peoplefone subscription and off you go! Thanks to Microsoft's "Direct Routing", peoplefone VoIP fits seamlessly into the existing Microsoft 365 environment. 

The possibilities and the advantages of integrating MS TEAMS into the telephone system with peoplefone are very diverse.


Take the next steps

Here we explain in detail what costs you can expect and what steps you need to take to make Microsoft Teams the central communication tool in your company.