We are proud of the many positive feedbacks from our customers about our telephone solutions and the installation process with the help of our installation partners.

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peoplefone recommended by IT specialist

peoplefone is often recommended by an installation partner. According to medical practice assistant Ines Fichera, it was the other way round at the Therwil ophthalmological practice:

«Our external IT specialist had recommended peoplefone as our VoIP provider and then suggested Supsign AG as our installation partner. This was the ideal solution for us - firstly because the two companies had already been working together for some time, and secondly because the latter are based in Münchenstein and we therefore benefit from local IT support.»

Read the interview to find out how the switch to 3CX went and why Ines Fichera would recommend peoplefone and Supsign AG without batting an eyelid.

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Our employees were able to make calls with 3CX immediately after the changeover

Since the ISDN network was switched off, the Basel-Stadt Protestant Reformed Church Administration has been using the 3CX virtual telephone system with peoplefone as its VoIP provider. The church administrator responsible, Alexander Kohler, was convinced by this solution from day one and still has nothing but positive things to say five years later.

«With the cloud system from 3CX, we no longer need a maintenance contract and were able to achieve further cost savings thanks to the massively cheaper telephony rates from peoplefone.» He also praises the VoIP provider's emergency number back-up and the excellent crisis support: «In one of the rare telephone outages, we were informed immediately by peoplefone via email and website, so that the problem could be resolved within 20-30 minutes.»

Installed by the peoplefone installation partner Dexion Services AG.

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More efficiency thanks to peoplefone 3CX HOSTED

A 3CX telephone system has been in operation at the Quellenhof Foundation for many years. The Swiss aid organisation's system is now hosted by peoplefone. "This saves us a lot of effort and is cheaper than if we had to provide internal resources for this," says Jonathan Heimlicher, Head of Digitalisation and IT.

For the foundation, which is committed to helping addicts and mentally impaired people, it is indispensable that the emergency organisation is guaranteed around the clock via the telephone. IT Manager Heimlicher is therefore pleased that the new system has been running absolutely stable since the changeover in June.

Installed by peoplefone installation partner Sidler System AG.

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Fair prices and an «unbeatable» service

Günter Zierenberg of Suisse Nurse is satisfied with the cooperation with peoplefone and the installation company IT-HelpPoint GmbH. When asked what else he would like to see from the two companies, the CEO of the personnel service provider in the Swiss healthcare sector answers: «That everything stays the way it is».

The employees of Suisse Nurse have been using peoplefone Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams for about three months. The solution is maximally efficient and the infrastructure functions smoothly, Günter Zierenberg tells us in a customer interview.

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Telephone calls on the ship and ashore, independent of location

The hospital ships of the Swiss aid organisation Mercy Ships have been providing medical care to people from poor countries for 45 years. So far, over 100,000 people worldwide have received treatment.

In close cooperation with the installation company Solutions KLÄY, Mercy Ships decided to switch to peoplefone in 2019. Thanks to the modern VoIP solution, employees have since been making phone calls regardless of location - both in Switzerland and abroad. This aspect and the good price/performance ratio still convince managing director René Lehmann today: «We are very satisfied with peoplefone's solution, it works perfectly in all situations.»

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On air and on the road with peoplefone HOSTED

The regional radio station Radioneo1, based in Langnau, had been looking for a simpler and more flexible solution for its fixed network telephony for some time. Since the company has two locations and the employees are often on the road, a mobile application was also required. The external technician's recommendation for the peoplefone HOSTED virtual telephone system came at just the right time.

Nadine Beer from the executive board draws an all-round positive conclusion: «We are all very satisfied with the new solution. I personally find it helpful to see at a glance who is available and who is absent.»

Installed by peoplefone installation partner H. Lauenstein AG.

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Accessible, responsive and quality - l'Hôtel des Horlogers bets on peoplefone

Wishing to work with partners who were accessible, reactive and who understood the challenges of a quality telephone solution for a hotel establishment, the Hôtel des Horlogers in Le Brassus relied on the collaboration between the installation partner SmartBee Computer Solutions SA and peoplefone.

"We chose a solution that avoided huge investments, while guaranteeing optimal quality and meeting the current connectivity needs of our guests and the Hôtel des Horlogers team," confirms Nicolas Lagrange, Guest Experience Manager at the hotel.

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Flexible, easily configurable and efficient - peoplefone and 3CX are convincing

The Volketswil municipal administration was looking for a suitable VoIP solution for its telephony. The new system should be flexible and easy to configure, increase efficiency in absence planning and also be as cost-effective as possible. 

In the evaluation process, the St. Gallen IT and installation company com4all AG, together with peoplefone, was the most convincing. Andreas Fritschi, IT manager of the municipal administration, especially appreciates the so-called "VoIP manager" developed by com4all. "Our effort in absence planning has been reduced enormously thanks to this tool", he tells in our new success story.

Installed by the peoplefone installation partner com4all AG.

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Better reachability thanks to the integration of landline telephony in Microsoft Teams

After 15 years of telephony with an aging telephone system, the Gewerbliche Berufsschule Wetzikon (Wetzikon Vocational School) needed a new solution before the move in summer 2022. Since the teaching staff and employees were already working with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365, integrating the fixed network telephony was an obvious choice.

Edgar Schlumpf, Head of IT, welcomed this decision: "The integration of the fixed network telephony in Microsoft Teams made it easier for us to move the school last summer." The advantages are obvious: "It is now much easier to reach our staff at the various workstations in different school buildings or even in the home office."

Installed by the peoplefone installation partner Beltronic IT AG.

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PBM Attorneys-At-Law relies on peoplefone HOSTED with ERP integration

In search of a new telephone solution, PBM Attorneys-At-Law Ltd consulted with their IT partner EyeTeK Sàrl. EyeTeK, supplier of their ERP system "ForenSys®", suggested the peoplefone HOSTED telephone solution.

"The solution quickly convinced us thanks to its features provided and the possibility of integration between the telephony and our ERP system "ForenSys®", which is a great advantage", explains Hassan Barbir, Managing Partner at PBM Attorneys-at-Law Ltd.

Read the interview to learn more about the cooperation with peoplefone and EyeTeK and the subsequent implementation. For more information about peoplefone HOSTED, please click here.

Installed by peoplefone installation partner EyeTeK Sàrl.

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peoplefone HOSTED - one solution for multiple locations

Dominic Schneider is the owner and managing director of the garage, car bodywork, tinsmith and paint shop Fahrdynamic Automobile AG and is naturally often on the road. To ensure that he can always be reached between the three locations of his company in Gipf-Oberfrick, Münchwilen and Däniken as well as on site and that he has access to the most important data, he is dependent on a handy and simple telephone system. He found this in the peoplefone HOSTED telephone system.

Read below in the customer interview how Dominic Schneider experienced the changeover and the subsequent onboarding. 

Installed by the peoplefone installation partner xinfra gmbh.


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« At peoplefone, the focus is always on the solution, not the problem. »

In September 2019, WESCO - the Swiss specialist for ventilation and air filtration - made the switch to the 3CX telephone system. Three years later, CFO Florian Studer is still very satisfied with this solution and the two providers axelion and peoplefone: "The telephone system and VoIP telephony are stable and flexible in use. In most cases, we can look after the system ourselves and rarely need support." 

In conversation, he explains the other advantages of working with agile providers like axelion and peoplefone and why he recommends this duo without hesitation

Installed by the peoplefone installation partner axelion AG.

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Wädi-Brau-Huus relies on peoplefone and 3CX for their brewery, restaurant and offices

The Wädi-Brau-Huus AG in Wädenswil includes a restaurant, a brewery, a warehouse building and offices. In the past, the warehouse and offices were located somewhat outside and telephone calls were made using two different telephone systems. 
Since the changeover to the new 3CX system, all employees can make their calls via the company's fixed network - regardless of whether they are on site or on the road. "This makes a lot of things easier and saves costs," says managing director Thomas Wullschleger. In an interview with peoplefone, he also explains why Wädi-Brau-Huus AG chose peoplefone as its provider and why the cooperation with peoplefone installation partner Hotz+Koch Informatik AG is a "stroke of luck".

Installed by peoplefone Partner Hotz+Koch Informatik AG.

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Knies Kinderzoo relies on Mitel and peoplefone

We have been the proud telephone provider of Knies Kinderzoo in Rapperswil for around half a year. Together with our installation partner CKW Conex AG, we ensure that the telephone systems in the zoo, in the offices and also in the circus run smoothly. In the customer interview with Franco Knie junior, you can find out why the migration of the telephone systems took place in winter and why the telephones have to be heat and dust resistant.

Installed by peoplefone installation partner CKW Conex AG.

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It is rare to see a conversion process that is so uncomplicated

Mammut uses a Microsoft TEAMS special configuration from peoplefone for their internal and external communication.

Erik Berger of Somnitec AG and formerly Mammut is full of praise when he looks back on the Big Bang conversion to MS Teams at Mammut Sports Group. He was particularly impressed by peoplefone's flexibility and free, comprehensive testing. How he experienced the cooperation with peoplefone and Somnitec AG and everything that had to be considered, can be read in our new customer interview.

Installed by peoplefone's installation partner Somnitec AG.

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Conforama is now using peoplefone in its 23 locations in Switzerland

"We are very pleased with these changes which give us much more responsiveness and functionality, while having optimised our costs significantly. We have gone from 23 to one 3CX PBX that manages all our branches. Our DECT phones have been replaced by our employees' PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), and the 3CX softphone is greatly appreciated by employees for its transparency of use whether they are working from home, in the office or on the road," says Alexandre Colot, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Conforama (Suisse) SA, when asked if he is satisfied with the new telephony solution with peoplefone.

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FIEGE Logistik (Schweiz) AG phones with peoplefone

"FIEGE is a family-run company in its fifth generation. In total, we have around 150,000 employees working for us in 15 countries and more than 150 locations," explains Mr. Andrea Gardini, CTO of FIEGE Logistics. "We set up a tender in collaboration with our installation partner Bouygues, evaluating various solutions and the associated conditions. In the end, the 3CX solution with peoplefone emerged as the winner."

Installed by the peoplefone's installation partner Bouygues E&S InTec Schweiz AG Kloten.

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Edelweiss relies on peoplefone and MS TEAMS

"We had offers from various providers on the table. In the end, we chose peoplefone because they were recommended to us by our long-term integration partner UPGREAT. They also made us a very good, customized offer, which included a flat rate. For Edelweiss, this is essential and operationally necessary. As an airline, our telephone has to run 24/7, otherwise we have a problem," says Stefan Graf, Head of IT Management, when asked why he decided to work with peoplefone.

Installed by peoplefone's installation partner UPGREAT.

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The stability of the VoIP solution is central for Aventin

Was peoplefone's promise regarding the reliability of your system kept? Yes, the new system works flawlessly and we are all very happy with it. My personal doubts have also disappeared. In addition, we appreciate the great scope that the solution offers us. If we need more features in the future, they can be easily integrated and implemented. 
From the interview with Peter Nösel, Head of Technology and Security at Aventin.

The telephony solution was installed by Bouygues E&S InTec Schweiz AG, Kloten.

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Thai Air chooses peoplefone for home office integration

Thai Air converted its telephone system to peoplefone and Microsoft Teams in 2021. A changeover became necessary because a restructuring meant that employees were increasingly working decentrally and from home offices. "Thanks to the new telephone solution, our employees can also be contacted decentrally and are also always reachable on the go via the corresponding smartphone application," explains Ms. Silvia Stoll, responsible for sales and marketing at Thai Air.

The installation of the system was carried out by peoplefone's installation partner Bix Bytes Solutions AG.

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Ricardo.ch uses peoplefone SOFTPHONE

When asked if the change was worth it, Mr. R. Bearth, Head of Internal IT & Service Desk and Mr. C. Meury, Head of Platform Engineering at Ricardo.ch, explain: "Yes, definitely. With peoplefone HOSTED we are much more flexible than before and can always use the most suitable terminal. No matter if this is a SOFTPHONE, a smartphone app or a "real" phone. Last but not least, we are also 25% cheaper than with the previous solution."

The setup was done by peoplefone's installation partner ITIGO AG.

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PMG Fonds Management AG joins MS TEAMS during the pandemic

"We had been a peoplefone customer and saw no reason to switch. peoplefone has a competitive offering that has always worked flawlessly for us. To make it easier for employees to work from home during the Corona crisis, we decided to switch to a solution integrated with our work processes and systems."
From an interview with Mr. Raoul Dobal, COO, PMG Fonds Management AG

Installed by peoplefone's installation partner Weibel/IT.

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SenseFly SA uses peoplefone HOSTED because of its flexibility

"Our main expectations were for a solution that worked quickly, was stable and flexible so that we could easily adapt to any new additions or departures of staff, and so that telephony remained an essential means of communication for the functioning of our company. peoplefone HOSTED, with the help of its partner Fastnet SA, was able to meet these points perfectly." From the interview with Damien Rosset, IT System & Security at SenseFly SA.

Telephone system set up by peoplefone's installation partner Fastnet SA.

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Martigny Boutique Hotel: Special telephony needs

"Our hotel employs 40 people with disabilities out of a total workforce of 70. This is a unique concept in Switzerland. To meet exactly these requirements and those of our customers, we need a simple, structured and scalable telephone solution for the years to come." Excerpt from the interview with Monsieur Mathias Munoz, Général Manager Martigny Boutique-Hôtel

The telephone system was installed by peoplefone's installation partner Terrettaz Informatique SA.

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Zenhäusern Frères SA is convinced of peoplefone support

"The Zenhäusern Group and I are extremely satisfied that we chose peoplefone as our telephone provider. On the one hand, because of the responsiveness and professionalism of the customer service, and on the other hand, because of the business model offered with the solutions, which has allowed us to save on our call costs. We have also recommended peoplefone to other SMEs," says Michel Pannatier, member of the management of Zenhäusern Frères SA.

Telephone system installed by the peoplefone's installation partner Prolectronic SA.

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Rimaplan AG uses the peoplefone APP

"Thanks to the peoplefone APP, employees can now also be reached on their landline number while on the move. They can also make calls to Switzerland from abroad at a low price and in good quality," explains Mr. Jörg Wagner, Head of Finance, HR & IT at Rimaplan AG.

The telephone system at Rimaplan AG was installed by peoplefone's installation partner Teleinformatik Services AG.

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bm-küchen AG is very satisfied with peoplefone

We asked Mr. B. Müller, Managing Director of bm-küchen ag in Eschlikon, about this. "In the offer phase, the price and the expected reduction in costs was impressive. The advice from the installation partner com4all was very competent. The installation and the recurring support leaves nothing to be desired. We are fully satisfied."

Installed by peoplefone's installation partner com4all AG.

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Adent Clinique Dentaires is fully satisfied with the phone quality

"Our partnership has been working successfully for over ten years and we see it as lasting. We work on the basis of mutual trust and listen to each other's needs. Both in terms of telephone quality and the ease of setting up the various switchboards, we are fully satisfied. Our receptionists are also satisfied with these telephone solutions." Adent Clinque Dentaire about the cooperation with Davet Télécom and peoplefone

Telephone system installed by peoplefone's installation partner DAVET Télécom.

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QUO AG relies on the installation partner

"Suprag Solutions has been our implementation and support partner for many years. The company supported us during the evaluation of the solution. We chose Peoplefone because Suprag Solutions works often and very closely with the company." From the interview with Mr. D. Junker, Head of Laboratory at QUO

peoplefone 3CX HOSTED installed by peoplefone's installation partner Suprag Solutions AG.

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WKP civil engineers use the peoplefone SIP-TRUNK

To stay up to date with their telephone system, WKP Bauingenieure on Zurich uses SIP-TRUNK from peoplefone. "The change was completed within one evening and did not disturb our business in any way" explains Mr. Rolf Jäger, member of the management of WKP Bauingenieure AG.

The installation of the telephone system with the peoplefone SIP-TRUNK was carried out by the peoplefone's installation partner Teleinformatik Services AG.

Read the full interview here.

Zaunteam Franchise AG uses a 3CX system from peoplefone

We asked Mr. Stefan Seger, Head of IT / System Engineer at Zaunteam Franchise AG, about the biggest difference after switching to the 3CX system: "The main difference is that the old solution was hardware, now it's software. The telephone  itself still works the same as it did years ago, but the technology behind it has changed. You are more flexible, you can make calls via your smartphone or your computer. We appreciate that advantage."

The system was installed by peoplefone's installation partner novalink GmbH.

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The Kandersteg Oeschinensee gondola lift relies on MS TEAMS

"Initially, we had sought contact with our previous provider. However, the hosted telephony solution he proposed did not match our vision. We didn't want a half-digitization solution. Through a colleague, I then came across Weibel/IT. They in turn recommended peoplefone to us. The VoIP provider and installation partner were among the early adopters who already had Microsoft Teams under control when others did not," says Mr. Daniel Spörri, IT, Gondelbahn Kandersteg Oeschinensee AG.

The system was installed by peoplefone's installation partner Weibel/IT.

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Trowa GmbH simplifies the office with peoplefone

"Now we can automatically switch the opening hours by timer and all other absences, vacations or holidays can be activated with just one button. The on-call phone is answered by the office during opening hours, which relieves employees on the road during the day. The change has been very worthwhile and we already can't imagine everyday life without the additional services we've gained." From the interview with Mrs. Renate Trösch, member of the management at Trowa GmbH

peoplefone HOSTED installed by peoplefone's installation partner xinfra GmbH.

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