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SenseFly SA uses peoplefone HOSTED because of its flexibility

"Our main expectations were for a solution that worked quickly, was stable and flexible so that we could easily adapt to any new additions or departures of staff and so that telephony remained an essential means of communication for the functioning of our company. peoplefone HOSTED with the help of partner Fastnet SA were able to meet these points perfectly." From the interview with Damien Rosset, IT System & Security at SenseFly SA.

Telephone system set up by peoplefone's installation partner Fastnet SA.

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peoplefone HOSTED is the most cost-effective cloud telephone system

Scalable cost structure

from 15.-*

  • *Price per month for 5 users in CHF incl. VAT
  • Arbitrarily scalable for more users
  • Without activation costs
  • With all the features of peoplefone HOSTED

Unrivaled in price

from 0.03*

  • *Rate per minute on Swiss fixed network in CHF incl. VAT
  • Without connection charges
  • Unrivaled low prices  for international calls
  • Also available as a FLAT offer

peoplefone HOSTED: the web-based telephone system

peoplefone HOSTED is a web based phone system that replaces all traditional phone systems and phone lines. Everything is configured online and you only need IP phone devices or peoplefone SOFTPHONE on your PC. No additional servers, hardware or software is needed. peoplefone HOSTED is a proprietary development of our peoplefone engineers and configurable on the peoplefone customer portal. The installation of this virtual telephone system requires a basic knowledge in telephony. Therefore we recommend the support of an experienced peoplefone installation partner for an efficient and smooth configuration.

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Advantages of peoplefone HOSTED

A number of advantages make peoplefone HOSTED the preferred telephone system for SME's and Startup's:

  • No hardware, no software, no expensive updates
  • Solution easily and cost-effectively scalable
  • Online access for each user
  • Simple operation
  • Works in multiple locations
  • Very competitive phone rates, free among HOSTED members
  • peoplefone APP for iOS and Android OS
  • peoplefone SOFTPHONE for PC and MAC
  • Unified Communication

More info on peoplefone HOSTED functions in peoplefone WIKI

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Especially for peoplefone HOSTED additional offers have been developed, which optimally fit the needs with peoplefone HOSTED.

peoplefone SOFTPHONE

With your computer, the web-based solution can be used. As a user, you can login to multiple PCs, whether in the office or in your home office.

peoplefone APP

With your smartphone iPhone or Android OS, you can be reached with your office number on the go and easily use the speed dial, transfer or conference function.

peoplefone CONNECTOR

With peoplefone HOSTED and peoplefone CONNECTOR you can make your own CRM or ERP phone-enabled and increase efficiency in your daily office routine.

Cost overview peoplefone HOSTED

The prices for operating a peoplefone HOSTED telephone system vary depending on the number of your users. Call costs can be charged by minute or in a FLAT model.


peoplefone HOSTED

The costs of peoplefone HOSTED depend on the number of users.

User Monthly costs Activation costs
  1 -    5 CHF  15.- CHF 0.-
  6 -  10 CHF  25.- CHF 0.-
 11 -  20 CHF  35.- CHF 0.-
 21 -  30 CHF  45.- CHF 0.-
 31 -  40 CHF  55.- CHF 0.-
 41 -  50 CHF  65.- CHF 0.-

The costs for telephone numbers and the costs of telephony are charged additionally. All prices are in CHF incl. VAT.

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peoplefone call costs

Call charges will be billed per call minute. The standard rate is CHF 0.03/minute to the Swiss fixed network. 

Compared to other providers, peoplefone does not charge any connection setup fees and is therefore unrivaled in price.

You can find the overview of the minute rates for all countries here.



peoplefone FLAT

From two users, you can switch to a FLAT offer.
A FLAT per user costs CHF 19.- per month and includes:

  • 1000 call minutes to the Swiss fixed network
  •   200 minutes of calls to the Swiss mobile network

Complete Overview of peoplefone FLAT

peoplefone HOSTED phone devices

For peoplefone HOSTED basically all IP-enabled phones can be used. However, we recommend certain devices. These devices have been tested in practice with peoplefone HOSTED and can be installed in a simplified way (autoprovisioning function). A larger list of end devices can be consulted under "Next Steps", "Recommended Phone Devices".

Snom D385

With its diverse functions and timeless design, the Snom D385 marks the next generation of Snom VoIP desk phones and fits seamlessly into every office routine. In addition to the high-resolution, tiltable color display, the phone impresses with its contemporary, clear design. The Snom SmartScreen finally makes the tedious labeling of the function keys a thing of the past. Also available in white.

Yealink W80B

The Yealink W80B multi-cell system is an innovative solution that combines DECT base station and call manager to create a highly scalable yet reliable solution for businesses that require dependable mobile communications across locations of any shape and size. A single W80B supports up to 100 handsets and 100 simultaneous calls, making it ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

Yealink T54W

The Yealink SIP-T54W is an easy-to-use prime business phone with an adjustable 4.3-inch color LCD screen that allows you to easily and flexibly find the comfortable viewing angle according to personal and environmental needs. With built-in Bluetooth 4.2 and built-in dual-band 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi, the SIP-T54W IP phone ensures you keep up with modern wireless technology and seize the first opportunity in future wireless age.

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