Integrate your telephony with your CRM/ERP

Thanks to the peoplefone CONNECTOR, your business software can be connected to the peoplefone telephone system.

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Business Case

"The integration with peoplefone CONNECTOR offers a real added value to our customers"

EyeTeK Sàrl is a company specialised in the development of IT applications specifically for law firms and notaries. The company develops and markets the platform "ForenSys® Online", which allows for client management, time-sheeting, invoicing and general accounting.

The integration of peoplefone CONNECTOR in ForenSys® allows the use of peoplefone VoIP telephony directly via ForenSys®. "The peoplefone CONNECTOR add-on, directly integrated in our CRM, offers a real added value in terms of useful functionalities to our community of users", confirms Fabrice Clément, Marketing & Sales Manager at EyeTeK Sàrl, during an interview.

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Improve the daily office productivity

The peoplefone is a complement to the peoplefone HOSTED telephone system and helps you to improve your productivity when calling customers:

  • Possible with all common CRM and ERP systems
  • Can also be integrated into other business software
  • Notification window on the PC for incoming calls from customers who are stored in the ERP or CRM system
  • Call history can be called up 
  • All customer information in the CRM or ERP system can be called up with one click when a customer calls
  • Several systems can be used in parallel (one click window of the ERP system and one window of the CRM system appear when a customer calls)

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How it works

Ordering procedure, installation and costs

  • The peoplefone Connector is an API that can be easily integrated into other software. You can find the integration and configuration instructions in our WIKI.
  • Activate the Connector on your peoplefone account. Go to "Services" and "Buy/Order" at peoplefone HOSTED and click on peoplefone CONNECTOR.
  • The monthly costs are CHF. 2.- per user and per software you want to integrate. One user is equal to one peoplefone HOSTED user.

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