Headsets are gaining ground and becoming increasingly popular in both the professional and private spheres. However, the vast majority of people still use the conventional handset.

It is not uncommon to see office workers with the handset clamped between their ear and shoulder. But a headset makes sense not only for this group of people.

On the contrary, almost everyone who makes regular phone calls benefits from the advantages of a headset.


Thanks to a headset, the user does not have to hold the receiver in his hand permanently. Holding a phone can lead to limited freedom of movement and painful cramps in the arm and shoulder.

In addition, there is greater flexibility at the desk or in the private environment. One has both hands free while telephoning and can fully concentrate on the conversation partner. The use of a cordless headset further extends the gain in flexibility. This means that you are no longer tied to your workstation, but can move around freely while on the phone. In addition, no important call is missed, even if you are not near your desk.


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