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peoplefone offers you a freely configurable internet connection with or without managed services.

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Reliable Internet connection for SMEs

Reliable internet is essential for every company. peoplefone therefore recommends an actively monitored internet subscription, especially for SMEs. The following advantages result from this

  • Included Internet router 
  • Proactive monitoring of the Internet router
  • Reliability up to 99.95% (depending on service level)
  • Faster reaction time in case of failures
  • Additional support coverage can be booked
  • Additional monthly costs from Fr. 65.-.
  • You can find the different monitored Internet offers (Managed Services) here



Inexpensive in all power levels

Internet offer S


  • Symmetrical bandwidth: 10 MBit/s
  • With DSL or Fiber connection
  • No one-time costs
  • Costs per month in CHF incl. VAT (Price excl. VAT: CHF 36.21)

Internet offer M


  • Symmetrical bandwidth: 100 MBit/s
  • With DSL or Fiber connection
  • No one-time costs
  • Costs per month in CHF incl. VAT (Price excl. VAT: CHF 54.78)

Internet offer L


  • Symmetrical bandwidth: 1000 MBit/s
  • With DSL or Fiber connection
  • No one-time costs
  • Costs per month in CHF incl. VAT (Price excl. VAT: CHF 73.35)

Internet with managed service

from 65.- extra

  • The all-round carefree package for SMEs
  • Available in all bandwidths and three service levels
  • Additional services such as mobile fallback can be ordered
  • *Price with VAT, without one-off installation costs


How to configure your peoplefone INTERNET connection

  1. You clarify your infrastructure on site with our broadband checker (see below). If your location has a fiber optic connection, we recommend this.
  2. You choose your bandwidth. We offer symmetrical subscriptions (for downloads and uploads) between 10 and 1000 MBits/s.
  3. Do you want a managed service level (SLA)? We offer you the service levels "Managed Basic", "Managed Standard" or "Managed Premium".
  4. For the SLA "Managed Standard" and "Managed Premium" we additionally offer the option of a "Mobile Fallback".
  5. For the "Unmanaged Basic" service level we recommend one of the Internet routers listed below. The managed service level includes all necessary hardware in the subscription price.


Managed services at peoplefone INTERNET

If your company is absolutely dependent on an almost 100% reliable internet connection, then we recommend a managed service.

With this you can, for example, have your internet router actively monitored, have a guaranteed recovery time of 4 hours in case of an emergency or can set up a mobile fallback solution. 

Below you will find an overview of the different managed service offerings.

peoplefone INTERNET SLA at a glance


Unmanaged Basic

Managed Basic 

Managed Standard

Managed Premium

To configure peoplefone INTERNET    
  1. Bandwidth selection
  2. Router (not included)
  1. Bandwidth selection
  2. SLA selection
  3. Options 
  1. Bandwidth selection
  2. SLA selection
  3. Options 
  1. Bandwidth selection
  2. SLA selection
  3. Options 

1. Bandwidths 

Monthly costs (Mbit/s) 10 39.- 39.- 39.- 39.-
  100 59.- 59.- 59.- 59.-
  1000 79.- 79.- 79.- 79.-
Other bandwidths on request          


2. SLA

Recommended for SMEs

One-time costs when switching on   0.- 390.-* 390.-* 850.-*
Monthly costs   free 65.- 125.- 245.-

Services SLA

included support time   Office hours Office hours Office hours Office hours
Additional support time 12h, Mon-Sat       54.- 54.-
additional support time 24h, daily       108.- 108.-
Router monitoring   no monitoring reactive monitoring proactive monitoring proactive monitoring
Availability/Recovery   Best effort unmanaged Best effort / managed reactive 99.8% / 4h 99.95% / 4h
IP address   dynamic IP static IP static IP static IP
End-to-End Quality of Service   not available 6.- 6.- 6.-



3. Mobile Fallback

Basic equipment (incl. inlimited data)   not available from 66.- from 66.- not available



4. Router

Router / Bridge / Media Gateway   not included included included included

*one-time costs may vary depending on setup
You can find the entire price list here.
The peoplefone INTERNET products are offered in cooperation with Cyberlink AG.


Fitting to your needs

We can offer you many other options in addition to the directly orderable internet configurations.

For example, do you need to network your various company locations? Or do you need additional IP addresses besides the ones included in the subscriptions? Contact our support and we will be happy to help you.

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