Swiss phone numbers

Here you can learn how to order new Swiss phone numbers at peoplefone or how to port existing numbers to peoplefone.

Order new phone numbers

peoplefone offers Swiss phone numbers from all area codes in Switzerland. You can choose directly from the available phone numbers in your peoplefone account. The phone number is active immediately after payment. If you want to have more phone numbers and lines, you can add more lines in your peoplefone account and assign the phone numbers to them.

The costs are defined per number block according to the number of consecutive phone numbers. It is not possible to add numbers in a block afterwards.

Please note that special numbers (e.g. 041 552 22 22 or 041 244 44 44) are charged additionally. You can find more information here.

Port your own numbers to peoplefone

  1. To port to peoplefone, the number holder must complete and sign the porting documents. These can be found in our customer portal under contracts. (Important: The holder data must be identical to the contract address with your current provider).
  2. You cancel your telephone connection with your current provider. You make sure that your phone numbers are not coupled with your internet connection. If you also want to transfer the internet connection to peoplefone you will find interesting BUNDLE offers here.
  3. Your entries at Swisscom Directories will be taken over. If you wish to make changes, please contact
  4. Porting of the number(s) is only possible within Switzerland. In the case of porting away numbers, annual amounts already paid in advance will not be refunded.

Costs for new phone numbers

Amount of numbers* Each month Total yearly costs
1 CHF 5.- CHF 60.-
2-5 CHF 10.- CHF 120.-
6-10 CHF 15.- CHF 180.-
11-20 CHF 30.- CHF 360.-
21-30 CHF 45.- CHF 540.-
31-100 CHF 50.- CHF 600.-
101-200 CHF 100.- CHF 1'200.-
201-300 CHF 150.- CHF 1'800.-
301 and more Upon request Email

All prices are in CHF incl. VAT. 

*The phone numbers with prefix 058 cost double from the table. E.g. a block of 2-5 numbers costs CHF 20.-/month.
*Special prices for 0800 / 0840 / 0844 / 0848 phone numbers : Per phone number CHF 40.- per month and CHF 140.- porting and installation costs. Each incoming call will be charged to your peoplefone account (incoming from fixed network CHF 0.03/minute, from mobile network CHF 0.25/minute).

Phone numbers are ordered for a minimum of 12 months. A number block is defined with successive numbers of the same area code. In your peoplefone account under "Buy/Order" you select the first phone number and the desired consecutive phone numbers will be listed. However, if you choose for example 3 different phone numbers, you order 3 blocks of CHF 5.-/month each.

In your peoplefone account you can view your phone number subscription and expiration date at any time and you will be reminded by e-mail 35 days before expiration so that you can prolong the number subscription or click on automatic renewal if you have enough credit or add your credit card. Renewing their phone number subscription for less than 12 months may incur higher costs.


Porting documents

For porting, you must fill out the porting authorization, sign it, and send it to us on time. You can find the documents on your customer portal under "Contracts". One porting authorization must be filled out for each number range.

peoplefone carries out all portings on Tuesdays. However, the porting documents should arrive at peoplefone at least 15 days (Monday evening latest) before the desired porting date.

You will receive our confirmation at least 1 week before the porting date by email with attached open invoice.

Costs for fixnet numbers to be ported

Amount numbers One time per order     Number monthly
An analog number CHF 39.- CHF 5.-
An ISDN/Multiline block of 2-5 numbers CHF 69.- CHF 10.-
DDI/BusinessLine block of 10-100 numbers CHF 380.- CHF 15.- bis 50.-

Important: For peoplefone customers with a business contract (postpaid customer) the one-time and monthly costs are invoiced in the monthly bills.

  • Blocks of phone numbers can neither be combined nor "filled up" with further phone numbers.
  • The costs will be incurred according to the composition of the call numbers with the current provider. For example, 2 ISDN blocks with 2 numbers each to be ported will be charged with 2 orders of CHF 69.- and 2 blocks of CHF 10.- per month.
  • According to the current provider, a DDI / BusinessLINE block can only be divided into a minimum of 10 blocks. For the porting of a partial area (e.g. 20 no. of a block of 100), the customer must initiate the separation of the areas with his provider before submitting the porting.
  • A BusinessLINE number TAG (subscriber line group) is billed as a special number by Swisscom like a DDI block.

Modification or cancellation of a porting request

Once confirmed, number porting can only be changed or cancelled up to 7 days before the porting date at the latest. Depending on the case, different costs are already incurred. 

In case of cancellation of an already confirmed porting, only the one-time order costs will be charged. 

If the date of an already submitted porting is changed, the porting must be cancelled and re-initiated. The one-time order costs will be charged twice.

Costs for porting or new activation of a 08XX-number

Porting or activation (new registration) of a 0800/0840/0844/0848 number costs a one-time charge of CHF 140.- per order and the monthly cost of a 08XX number is CHF 40.-/month. Incoming calls from the fixed network are billed at CHF 0.03 per minute and incoming calls from the mobile network are billed at CHF 0.25 per minute.

For porting or activation we need:

  • peoplefone business contract
  • Porting power of attorney (also for activation/new registration!)
  • Copy of the OFCOM letter "Allocation order of the E-164 number".

Customers with 08XX numbers have to sign a peoplefone business contract (postpaid account) and will receive a monthly bill as the incoming calls will be billed at the end of the month.