peoplefone DATASIM

peoplefone DATASIM offers unlimited mobile internet for all kinds of smart devices, such as laptops, tablets, LTE routers, GPS trackers, sensors, smartwatches, remote controls, LTE surveillance cameras or mobile hotspots.

Besides, with peoplefone DATASIM you can use your cell phone to make calls via your peoplefone business number.


IOT with peoplefone DATASIM

If you need SIM cards for your IOT application peoplefone DATASIM is cost effective and easy to deploy solution.

peoplefone DATASIM is available with bandwidths from 0.4 to 2'000 MBit/s.

Learn more about the exact technical specifications here.

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Making calls on the road without a mobile contract

Call now with your smartphone cheaply over your normal peoplefone landline subscription and save money. All you need is:

  1. peoplefone account with phone number, preferrable peoplefone HOSTED for all functions
  2. download peoplefone APP on your smartphone
  3. insert peoplefone DATASIM

With the add-on option VOICE for CHF 12.- per month and the phone number of the DATASIM, you can make unlimited calls to all Swiss networks and send SMS.


peoplefone DATASIM for unlimited mobile internet

With peoplefone DATASIM you can surf and phone (thanks to the peoplefone APP or the peoplefone SOFTPHONE) unlimited in whole Switzerland depending on the subscription speed.

You can order a SIM-card directly in your peoplefone account. In a few days you will receive it by Swiss post and you can activate the subscription directly again in your customer portal. An speed-upgrade can be done at any time.

With the add-on function VOICE you can phone and send SMS (with the DATASIM number) unlimited in whole Switzerland.


peoplefone DATASIM subscriptions

Subscription type Price in CHF incl. VAT SIM card one-time
0.4 Mbits CHF 5.- CHF 40.-
1 Mbits CHF 8.- CHF 40.-
10 Mbits CHF 12.- CHF 40.-
50 Mbits CHF 22.- CHF 40.-
300 Mbits CHF 33.- CHF 40.-
2000 Mbits CHF 44.- CHF 40.-
Additional option VOICE CHF 12.-  

Features peoplefone DATASIM


  • IP addressing always private, dynamic
  • Unlimited data volume in Switzerland, no roaming
  • For all subscriptions the VOICE option can be ordered
  • A mobile number 077 XXX XX XX is available
  • Incoming calls and SMS are enabled
  • Outgoing calls and SMS are blocked (except emergency calls)
  • Additional option VOICE with unlimited calls and SMS in the whole Switzerland
  • DATASIM subscription can be upgraded at any time.
  • Network operator Sunrise
  • All subscriptions are 5G-capable

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